multiple stage

This multiple stage moisture eliminator is the SE2 combined with bag type filters to achieve efficiencies to client specifications, but typically F7 - F9 for HVAC intakes, up to H10 - H12 for gas turbine intakes.


used in:


  • HVAC systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Diesel engine air intakes
  • Gas turbine filter systems
Veotec's multiple stage separators protecting diesel generator sets on oil rig in Qatar

By combining the filtration into one package there can be a considerable space saving and easier maintenance access.

The filter holding frames are manufactured to provide a very cost effective method of refurbishing an existing system. For example to replace a current single stage intake system with a multi stage intake system offering a higher level of protection in the same space.

A multiple stage unit from marine grade aluminum with a hinged front panel containing trace heated vane and a CP2 panel filter. This is followed with the extra protection of a rigid bag filter.

multiple stage separator with hinged panel and heated vane, coalescer filter and rigid bag filter

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